Source code for ppb.changelib

Helpers for declaring deprecations, changes, renames, etc.
import functools
import typing

from deprecated.sphinx import deprecated, versionadded, versionchanged

__all__ = [
    'deprecated', 'versionadded', 'versionchanged',

[docs]def renamed(old: str, new: typing.Any, *, version: str, **kwargs): """ Creates a name alias for a function, class, or method. :param str reason: Reason message which documents the rename. :param str version: Version in which this rename occurred. """ if isinstance(new, type): # A class kwargs.setdefault("reason", f"Use {new.__name__} instead") wrapper = type(old, (new,), {}) return deprecated(version=version, **kwargs)(wrapper) elif callable(new): # A function kwargs.setdefault("reason", f"Use {new.__name__} instead") @functools.wraps(new) def wrapper(*p, **kw): return new(*p, **kw) wrapper.__name__ = old return deprecated(version=version, **kwargs)(wrapper) else: # Dunno how to warn on usage for this. return new