Welcome to PursuedPyBear’s documentation!

PursuedPyBear, also known as ppb, exists to be an educational resource. Most obviously used to teach computer science, it can be a useful tool for any topic that a simulation can be helpful. At its core, ppb provides a number of features that make it perfect for video games. The GameEngine itself provides a pluggable subsystem architecture where adding new features is as simple as subclassing and extending System.


This document explains the practical and technical details of ppb. If you want to know more about what it is, its goals, or why you should use it, check out this page or our website.

Using these docs

Our documentation is separated into practical steps and theoretical knowledge. The docs are made up of Tutorials, which allow you to learn quickly, and guides which bring you to a specific goal. We also have a standard API reference.

As a New User

We recommend that new users start with the Getting Started Guide. This document assumes that you have basic programming knowledge. If you don’t, check out the Python docs at https://docs.python.org.

As an Experienced User

Experienced users will likely want to start with our API Reference or our How To: The ppb Cookbook