Source code for ppb.features.loadingscene

The loadingscene feature provides base classes for loading screens.
:py:class:`BaseLoadingScene` and its children all work by listening to the asset
system and when all known assets are loaded, continuing on.
import ppb

__all__ = 'BaseLoadingScene', 'ProgressBarLoadingScene'

[docs] class BaseLoadingScene(ppb.Scene): """ Handles the basics of a loading screen. """ #: The scene to transition to when loading is complete. May be a type or an instance. next_scene: "ppb.Scene" def __init__(self, **kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs) self._finished = False for s in self.get_progress_sprites(): self.add(s, tags=['progress']) # Need this instantiated to maximize asset referencing coverage. if isinstance(self.next_scene, type): self.next_scene = self.next_scene() self.update_progress(0)
[docs] def get_progress_sprites(self): """ Initialize the sprites in the scene, yielding the ones that should be tagged with ``progress``. Override me. """ yield from ()
def on_asset_loaded(self, event, signal): # Ok, event.total_loaded should always be > 0, but we're being paranoid if event.total_loaded == event.total_queued == 0: progress = 0 else: progress = event.total_loaded / (event.total_loaded + event.total_queued) self.update_progress(progress) # No more assets waiting to be loaded self._finished = bool(event.total_loaded and event.total_queued == 0) def on_idle(self, event, signal): if self._finished: signal(
[docs] def update_progress(self, progress): """ Updates the scene with the load progress (0->1). Override me. """
[docs] class ProgressBarLoadingScene(BaseLoadingScene): """ Assumes that a simple left-to-right progress bar composed of individual sprites is used. Users should still override :py:meth:`get_progress_sprites()`. """ #: Image to use for sprites in the "loaded" state (left side) loaded_image: "ppb.Image" #: Image to use for sprites in the "unloaded" state (right side) unloaded_image: "ppb.Image" = None
[docs] def update_progress(self, progress): """ Looks for sprites tagged ``progress`` and sets them to "loaded" or "unloaded" based on the progress. The "progress bar" is assumed to be horizontal going from left to right. """ bar = sorted(self.get(tag='progress'), key=lambda s: s.position.x) progress_index = progress * len(bar) for i, sprite in enumerate(bar): if i <= progress_index: sprite.image = self.loaded_image else: sprite.image = self.unloaded_image